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US should take no side on Diaoyu Islands issue (2)

(People's Daily Online)

08:02, September 24, 2012

The U.S. shift of strategic focus back to the Asia-Pacific region has played a role in creating tensions in the South China Sea and Diaoyu Islands. Under the shelter of U.S.-Japan Security Treaty, Japan has repeatedly challenged China’s bottom line on the Diaoyu Islands issue. In such a context, Panetta should pay full respect to China’s major core interests during his Asia-Pacific trip, act as a peace promoter in the region and stop Japan from damaging regional stability unilaterally. Tolerance of Japanese right-wingers expansion and aggravation of Sino-Japan confrontation do not serve the interests of the two countries and the United States.

At present, as the world suffers economic downturn, Asia-Pacific stability concerns Asian countries’ prosperity and well-being as well as U.S. economic recovery and national interests. The United States should take the overall situation into consideration, take no sides on the Diaoyu Islands issue, and make effective efforts to prevent further deterioration of China-Japan relations.

Read the Chinese version: 望美方不要拉偏架扩大分歧, source: Jinghua Times

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