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Diaoyu Islands issue tests U.S. political wisdom (2)

(People's Daily Online)

15:21, September 21, 2012

A Japanese Coast Guard vessels go beside a Chinese ships. (File photo/ CNTV)

After the Second World War, the United States shouldered the responsibility of destroying Japanese militarism. Up to now, Japan still refuses to reflect its guilt of launching invasion wars. In this sense, the United States did not properly fulfill or has failed its mission of re-building Japan into a normal country.

If the United States wants to explore the establishment a new-type relationship between two large countries with China, it must learn to be wise regarding issues of China's major and core interests and clearly realize that the “Treaty of Security and Safeguard Between Japan and United States” was an outcome of the Cold War which should not be used to damage the interests of third parties including China.

The current Asia is completely different from the Asia in the Cold War period. China's comprehensive national strength has obviously grown and its international status has greatly risen, which is an important factor for pushing the Asian pattern to a balance. The United States has brought forward its strategy of returning to the Asia-Pacific Region and is expecting to play a more important role in the region, but its status in Asia must be an equal participant and a peaceful development contributor.

Read the Chinese version: 钓鱼岛问题考验美国政治智慧; Source: People's Daily; Author: Zhong Sheng

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