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China's dynamic development encourages closer Sino-Danish partnership: Danish PM (2)

By Yang Jingzhong, Devapriyo Das (Xinhua)

08:58, September 21, 2012

Experts here say Denmark's competences in renewable energy technologies, such as biofuels and wind-turbine manufacture, in waste and waste-water management, food safety and elderly care technology, are especially relevant to the Chinese market.

In fact, China is focusing on measures to transform its economic development pattern so as to put it on the path to sustainable growth at a faster pace, under its ongoing 12th Five-Year Plan.

Denmark and China have enjoyed warm diplomatic ties for the past 62 years, and signed a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership covering political, economic, cultural and other affairs in 2008.

Recently, the two countries signed 17 inter-governmental agreements in areas such as investment, tariffs, energy, agriculture and culture, during the first-ever state visit to Denmark by Chinese President Hu Jintao, in June 2012.

Moreover, business deals worth 3.4 billion U.S. dollars were signed between Danish and Chinese companies during the presidential visit.

"My visit to China, as well as the successful state visit of President Hu Jintao to Denmark in June, underlined the strength of the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership between our two countries," Thorning-Schmidt said.

She noted that her government launched in May 2012 a growth-market strategy aimed exclusively at China, which comes in addition to the Comprehensive Strategic Partnership.

"We have recently had no less than five high level visits between Denmark and China, and I have pledged to make regular visits to China in the future to continue strengthening our ties," Thorning-Schmidt said, underscoring the value placed on bilateral exchanges, a key component of the partnership.

According to the Danish Trade Ministry, China now ranks among Denmark's biggest markets outside the European Union, with Danish exports to China worth 15.1 billion Danish kroner (around 2.7 billion dollars) in 2011.

Moreover, the volume of bilateral trade between China and Denmark increased 18.3 percent in 2011, as compared to the previous year, to reach 9.26 billion dollars, official Chinese statistics show.

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