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Firms close on anniversary (2)

By Gao Changxin, Li Fangfang, Wang Zhuoqiong and Li Wenfang  (China Daily)

08:23, September 18, 2012

Japan's Fast Retailing said it will close 19 Uniqlo outlets in China on Tuesday, up from seven on Monday. One store will be operating on shortened hours on Tuesday, against nine on Monday.

Japan's leading general retailer, Seven & I Holdings, will close 13 Ito Yokado supermarkets and 198 "7-Eleven" convenience stores in China, a company spokesman said on Monday.

The company had already closed its 40 stores in Chengdu, capital city of Sichuan province, as of Monday after operations were disrupted.

In Beijing, some of the convenience stores concealed their logo by hanging up banners of patriotic Chinese slogans.

Cheng Ning, director of public affairs of Beijing Huatang Ito Yokado Ltd, told China Daily eight stores in Beijing will halt operations before resuming business on Sept 19, on orders from their headquarters in Japan to ensure the safety of customers, employees and property in China.

Some of the Ito Yokado stores in Beijing have already adopted a practice of closing two hours ahead of published schedules.

Washington cannot shake off its responsibility for sowing the seeds of conflict, since provocations by its allies against China have been emboldened by the US "Pivot to Asia" policy, Xinhua News Agency said in a commentary.

"The success of Panetta's visit will be judged by how he will reassure Beijing that Washington is willing to do more things conducive to regional peace and stability, which are now threatened by some US allies," it said.

Panetta's visit, following Liang’s trip to the US in May, is also a part of efforts to push military relations forward since they resumed 18 months ago after a break over US arms sales to Taiwan, analysts said.

Military relations will be a key aspect of the visit, but obstacles remain.

Ni Feng, a researcher of American Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said that these include US arms sales to Taiwan, military surveillance close to China’s coast and discriminatory regulations prohibiting certain China-US military exchanges.

Both countries are looking for ways to deepen China-US military relations, but ensuring smoother communication is a more practical option, Ni said.

"Yet whether these talks turn out to be fruitful remains to be seen." Yin Zhuo, a Beijing-based military specialist, said Panetta will also touch upon international issues including the denuclearization of Korean Peninsular, the Iranian nuclear plan and Syria.

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