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Chinese restaurant chains face challenges (2)

By Li Woke (China Daily)

08:14, September 18, 2012

Zhang said Xinshang learnt a lot from the success of the United States fast food giant McDonald's Corp by strictly controlling the food's standardization, including the preparation of raw materials.

McDonald's, the world largest fast food chain, now has more than 33,000 outlets in 119 countries across the world. They have their secrets to make sure every burger in every restaurant is of the same quality, whether it's in a small Chinese city or a big United States metropolis.

"McDonald's burgers are made from 100 percent whole cuts of beef from British and Irish farms, with nothing added apart from a pinch of salt and pepper after cooking. The meat is then minced, shaped and frozen to make McDonald's beef patties. All beef is checked for bone and gristle to ensure that none finds its way into patties," said Joy Clachan, agricultural assurance manager at McDonald's UK.

After checking, the beef will be minced and frozen. Then the patties are hand-packed into boxes and a final quality check takes place before they are dispatched.

Inside a McDonald's restaurant, a burger will be fully cooked after being heated for more than 37 seconds. The buns are toasted and the meal is finished off by adding onion and pickle, said the company.

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