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Can mainland, Taiwan jointly defend Diaoyu Islands? (2)

(People's Daily Online)

08:10, September 17, 2012

Japan is most afraid of the two sides joining hands

Regarding the issue of defending the Diaoyu Islands, not all people are willing to see the contact between the two sides of the strait. Before Ma departed for his island-landing, the chairman of the Democratic Progressive Party Su Tseng-chang had criticized Ma by saying “he is going to an irrelevant island for a vacation” and “his only wish is to stand on the Mainland’s side.”

In response, the media in Taiwan commented that it is an unavoidable historical fact that Taiwan's operation of defending the Diaoyu Islands cannot move forward without “one China.” The chairman of the New Party Yok Mu-ming published a written statement which said that since a trilateral negotiation between Chinese mainland, Japan and Taiwan cannot be realized at the time, the Taiwan authorities should hold a dialogue with the mainland so the two sides could jointly discuss issues related to defending China’s inherent territory.

A former “legislator” Qiu Yi said regarding the Diaoyu Islands dispute, Japan is most afraid that the two sides of the strait will come together. Therefore, he suggests that Ma's first step should cooperate with the mainland in escorting fishing vessels and developing oil and gas resources. He added that whether the two sides will continue to work together would depend on how the situation unfolds in the future.

Read the Chinese version: 两岸联合保钓还有多远?
, source: People's Daily Overseas Edition , author: Ren Chengqi

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