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What's Japan's greatest fear? (2)

(People's Daily Online)

16:07, September 14, 2012

A screenshot from a news program of Japan’s NHK reporting six Chinese surveillance ships arrived at awaters around the Diaoyu Islands and its affiliated islets Friday morning. (Photo/Xinhua)

China will never draw back on the Diaoyu Islands issue and it also has corresponding countermeasures. Although both China and Japan have not yet resorted to forces to solve the dispute, the overall peaceful situation between China and Japan must be maintained by both sides and China should not unilaterally assume the responsibility.

At the same time, we must figure out that what Japan fears most is the peaceful rise of China because it is the source to strengthen China’s national strength, which is the root cause that incurred Japan's jealousy and restlessness. Visibly, the largest and most fundamental countermeasure for China is to insist on peaceful development, constantly improve the level of modernization and strengthen its comprehensive national strength. Only by becoming powerful can China break the ulterior motive of certain countries.

Read the Chinese version: 日本最怕的是什么; Source: Jiefang Daily; Author: Feng Zhaokui

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