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Experts highlight Deng's strategy in handling territorial dispute (2)


08:30, September 14, 2012

"If trust and cooperation can be built, then the dispute will become a trivial issue," Prof. Moon said.

Prof. Moon also urged the Japanese government to be more honest and inform its public regarding the historical background of its disputes with neighboring countries.

George Yong-boon Yeo, a visiting scholar at the National University of Singapore, said social media play an important role in the dispute, as public sentiment on both sides has caused both governments to make harsh moves.

Prof. Moon also addressed the influence of social media and stressed that governments should "cultivate the online consciousness" and encourage people to use such media in a "self-restrained way."

Government leaders should spend more time managing external public relations and communicating with the citizens of other countries in order to make their policies better understood, Yeo said.

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