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China's Apple fans on the wane? (2)


08:04, September 14, 2012

Apple is expected to introduce more innovation and new products, which is in its DNA thanks to its late co-founder Steve Jobs, said Wang Yong, secretary general of Brand China Industry Union.

"In spite of this, the psychology of customers or even Apple fans will subtly change as its products gradually change from representing individuality into a street fashion," he said.

Apple is in a different smartphone market environment, in which world's electronic giants such as Samsung are yearning for a share of the profits, said insiders.

Cong Sen, director with the mobile business of the Zhongguancun Online, a flagship website of China's technology web portals said the booming new mobile models with large touch screens, user-friendly systems and cost performance are squeezing iPhone's market.

"Chinese consumers are famous for the frequent replacement of mobile phones, but they are becoming more rational in the choices of brands and cost-performance," he said.

It is not known yet when the iPhone 5 will enter the market in China.

Apple has been renowned long for its "arrogance", especially to the Chinese mainland market and it has failed to meet the demand of the country's customers in both affection and services, said Wang Yong.

To win and stabilize the huge market in China, it is suggested it should pay more respect and attention to the launch time in the country, increase the sales quota and localize its services to Chinese customers, he said.

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