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The Dark Visions of Yu Huijian (4)

CRI Online)  13:11, September 13, 2012

Yu Huijian's painting "Smiling Among the Flowers" (2012) is part of the "Suddenly, the Earth" exhibition which runs until September 15 at the National Art Museum of China. ( Linruo)

The philosophical painting exhibition "Suddenly, the Earth" finds Yu Huijian tunneling forward toward a surreal future. This collection of dark period pieces uses new angles to explore metaphors and abstractions of the earth. While Yu's works look very much at home in these times of rapid development, they also portray living history. They show that amid global warming and ecological concerns, people feel as though they might get lost in our disintegrating society. The artist uses free, loose brush strokes throughout his paintings to create shadowy scenes dominated by feelings of nostalgia. He focuses on creating a world where reality and the surreal converge, where, not unlike the world today, the fate of Mother Earth hangs in the balance.

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