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Energy conservation: A New Investment Opportunity Part II (5)

By Lan Xinzhen (Beijing Review)

08:24, September 12, 2012

Xie said to ensure accomplishment of the target set by the 12th Five-Year Plan on Energy Saving and Emission Reduction, the Central Government requires various ministries and local governments to add energy-conservation and emission-reduction requirements when they formulate development strategies, special plans, and industrial, taxation, financial, price and land policies. Related departments should improve laws, regulations and standards on energy conservation and environment protection, and various local governments should use a market-oriented mechanism on energy conservation and emission reduction.

According to Xie, the NDRC has formulated detailed targets of energy conservation and emission reduction for different local governments. The NDRC and the Ministry of Environment Protection will strengthen support, guidance and assessment on the implementation of the plan, and the assessment results will be announced to the public and subject to social supervision.

Xie said the assessment results will be an important part for the Central Government's comprehensive assessment of provincial-level officials. For regions that are rated as a "fail," no high-energy consumption projects will be approved, and for regions that reach the standard, new high-energy consumption projects will be approved conditionally to ensure the energy conservation target will be met.

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