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Chinese have less worship of US elections (2)

By Shan Renping (Global Times)

08:35, September 10, 2012

This conclusion was drawn after Chinese observation of the very complex democratic practices in other nations in the last two decades. In addition, China's boom in recent years has enabled many Chinese to believe that it is right to go our own way.

According to the Global Poll Center run by the Global Times, there are a significant number of Chinese supporters for going our own way.

Even among active Internet opinion leaders, few expected that China would implement a Western-style political system. They state what China should do, but this is more like a slogan to show their attitudes rather than an actual goal.

It is a consensus in China that there are many things in the US worth learning from. There's not much opposition to this idea. The world has many good things, but not all of them can be employed in our own manner. Chinese people are gradually realizing this truth in the political sphere.

Chinese confidence should be strengthened in recognizing the political success of the US as well as in realizing the problems of the US. A much higher level of confidence is required if we want to follow our own path. The Chinese people have not completely broken away from their low self-esteem, but we are certainly more confident.

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