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Cooperation, integration promote sustainable economic growth (2)

(People's Daily Online)

14:11, September 07, 2012

China has cooperated with other APEC members at all levels and in various fields. It has actively participated in discussions on East Asian and Asia-Pacific economic integration, and taken the lead in carrying out various activities in such areas as the supply chain and logistics.

Furthermore, China has actively exchanged information, shared experience, and constantly deepened environmental and agricultural technical cooperation with other members, playing an active role in promoting the innovative development of the region.

Along with its economic and social development and deepening reform and opening-up, China will continue to increase participation in APEC activities, and make greater use of this platform to expand cooperation with other APEC members.

After 23 years of existence, the APEC still maintains great vitality thanks to the internal driving force behind regional economic development and its members’ active and pragmatic cooperation centered on the theme of the informal APEC leaders’ meeting.

The APEC has played an irreplaceable role in promoting regional trade and investment liberalization and facilitation and deepening regional economic integration, and has become an important force in promoting regional cooperation and economic growth.

Asia-Pacific economies should continue to enhance regional economic integration, form a closely interwoven network, strengthen cooperation on innovative development, promote the transformation of the regional economic growth model, and improve the quality of economic growth, so as to achieve comprehensive, balanced, and sustainable growth.

The upcoming APEC leaders’ meeting is not only a gathering of Asia-Pacific countries, but also a review of the fruits of their economic cooperation. With the concerted efforts of all members, the APEC meeting is expected to further promote regional and world economic growth and improve people’s welfare.

Read the Chinese version at: 互联互通促进经济可持续增长, Source: People's Daily, Author: Zhong Sheng

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