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Students made to work at Foxconn as interns (2)

By Cang Wei and Song Wenwei in Nanjing  (China Daily)

08:38, September 07, 2012

She said that students have gone back to school since internships were reported in the media.

The Huai'an government said that all vocational schools must follow the policies of education departments and any violations, such as the Foxconn internships, must cease.

An employee from the human resources department at Foxconn's Huai'an plant conceded that the approaching launch of Apple's new handset has brought big orders to the plant.

"The high demand for the handset has led to us being short-staffed at the plant," said the woman on condition of anonymity. "It's been even worse since some people finished their summer jobs and left."

On Tuesday, Apple sent out invitations to a media event on Sept 12 related to the next iPhone, which is rumored to go on sale on Sept 21.

According to Huai'an's Taiwan affairs office, Foxconn, whose headquarters are in Taiwan, has invested more than $210 million to establish new production lines for Apple components in the city.

"Though Chinese law allows students to work as interns, it cannot be applied to those working for Foxconn," said Yu Fangqiang, a lawyer and executive director of Justice for All, an NGO in Nanjing, Jiangsu province.

"The students worked at least eight hours a day and didn't have a supervisor, which makes them more full-time employees than interns," Yu said.

The vocational schools violated the students' rights to an education by requiring they work for Foxconn, he said, and the students can report that to local governments or file lawsuits to protect themselves.

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