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Quality better for box office than quotas (2)

By  Liu Xiaocong (Global Times)

09:32, September 06, 2012

There have been heated discussions over how to raise the market share of Chinese-made movies.

Protective measures like the quota system are adopted not only in China.

South Korea used to mandate that domestic movies were the only ones shown for at least 148 days a year, helping cultivate a large number of Korean directors and films which eventually acquired global renown.

But after building up the quality of its own films, Korea started to be less strict on the import of foreign movies. After 2006, the number of domestic days was cut to 73.

There's no doubt that culture plays a crucial role in the production of a movie. The interlinked cultural background between the US and the UK has made the movie products of the countries alike. As a result, in the UK, among all movies that make more than $10 million, only a quarter are indigenous.

Chinese movies need to emphasize their own culture to stand out.

Focusing on certain genres is of great importance. Another neighbor has also set a good example for us. Each year the launch of Japanese cartoons such as Doraemon, Detective Conan and Pocket Monster can make over $100 million each. Chinese cartoon Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf's revenue of $26 million seems rather paltry by comparison.

The author is a Nanjing-based broadcast journalist. [email protected]

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