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China, India make efforts to build military trust (2)


14:20, September 05, 2012

The talks led to both sides agreeing on high level-official exchanges, training of armed forces personnel and maritime security cooperation. The talks will be taken forward when the two countries meet for the bilateral defense dialogue in November.

The two countries also discussed sensitive issues including improving border relations and the situation in South Asia and the Asia Pacific region.

Liang Guanglie, China's Defense Minister, said, "We reached an agreement and consensus on exchange and cooperation between the two militaries in various fields, including the exchange of high level visits, the exchange of young officers and personnel training, and also intercollegiate exchanges in non-traditional security fields such as maritime security cooperation."

The two sides also talked about America's look east policy which includes plans to shift a large part of its navy to Asia Pacific region and India’s take on the same. On the other hand India expressed concern over presence of Chinese troops in Pakistan.

As the world geo-political situation goes through a massive change, the coming together of the two largest countries that also have the strength of their economies could tilt balances.

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