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PLA diplomacy to ease tensions (3)

By Zhao Shenghan and Wang Chenyan  (China Daily)

16:35, September 04, 2012

Bilateral talks

Liang's trip to India is to repair military ties that were strained in 2010 and to play down India's fears about Chinese activity in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh that India sees as within its sphere of influence, AFP said.

Wan Wei, a researcher at the Academy of Military Science of the PLA said the purpose of Liang's visit to India is "crystal clear".

"It is a demonstration of goodwill since military ties between the two countries have witnessed twists and turns."

Liang's 23-member delegation includes Yang Jinshan, commander of the Tibet autonomous region's military district bordering India. Fifteen rounds of high-level talks have been held in a bid to resolve the dispute about where the Himalayan border lies.

Both sides will discuss more confidence building measures and ways to strengthen military ties, the Press Trust of India quoted a senior official of the Defense Ministry as saying on Sunday.

Indian and Chinese troops took part in counter-terrorism drills in China in 2007 and in India a year later.

The warming ties also reflect China's concerns about a military escalation in the South China Sea, and the perception that India is being drawn into the US "pivot" to Asia, which Beijing sees as containment, Jayadeva Ranade, a retired Indian senior civil servant and China analyst told Reuters.

Xinhua and Wu Jiao contributed to this story.

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