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Why political endeavors to solve Syria's crisis always fail? (2)


08:27, September 03, 2012

Yahya Salaiman, a political researcher, expressed his pessimism toward all the various proposals, pointing out that "all endeavors carried their seeds of failure within them."

Speaking to Xinhua, Salaiman attributed his disappointment to the "content of each endeavor, because they either lack a clear working mechanism for their implementation or they are disconnected from the fever of the Syrian reality and all its contradictions, or the bias of the countries that are sponsoring those initiatives to a certain party in the conflict."

He said the partiality of the sponsoring countries lead to the infanticide of the initiatives.

For his side, Ammar Rifai, vice-chairman of the oppositional al- Ansar party, said the proposed initiatives are "theoretically ambitious," but noted that "it's practically inapplicable." He held the Syrian government responsible for the failure of most of the initiatives and accused it of non-complying by the items of the plans that it officially agrees on.

However, Sharif Shahadeh, a Syrian parliamentarian, disagreed with Rifai and contended that the Syrian government has abided and committed to all its pledges, holding the Syrian opposition the responsibility for the whole fiasco, as "it doesn't accept to lay down the weapons and keeps on applying foreign agendas needless to say that is already scattered and fragmented."

Shahadeh told Xinhua that "every initiative holds its own mines that blast it fast."

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