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Local court accused of counterfeiting withdrawal notice in Dalian Wal-Mart case (4)

(People's Daily Online)

08:16, August 29, 2012

The court enforced the case on Sept. 25, 2006 and the deadline was Oct. 10, 2006.

"We asked about the progress of execution for several times after Oct. 10 and were told it was under execution," Lin said, "Later, we went to the court to check about the progress but the court said that their archives have been moved out and they cannot find the serial number of the case. Not until we threatened to call the police did the court promise to find it. But it has been dragged on until 2011."

According to Dalian Wanguo, they found a record of question marked "Dec. 4, 2006" in the file of the case. The record said that Zhou Yuling, director of the Office of Dalian Wanguo and the authorized representative of the case, had signed to confirm that "both sides have fulfilled their responsibilities and Dalian Wanguo requested to withdraw the execution" and "Dalian Wanguo agreed the termination of the execution."

"I went to see it when first being found in 2011. It was absolutely not my handwriting," Zhou said, "When seeing it, I first surprised and then I knew I was wronged."

"Seeing it, I realized that we had "nolle prosequi" six years ago," Lin said.

The senior director of the department of public relations of the Wal-Mart China Li Ling told the reporter on the telephone on Aug. 26 that as it involved in legal issues, they will make a response after confirmation with the Ministry of Justice.

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