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'Vulgaria’ lives up to its name (3)

By Wei Xi (Global Times)

09:47, August 27, 2012

(Photo from Global Times)

Crude controversy

Pang's latest film has supporters praising its humor while some critics find nothing funny about it.

Fanny Suen, a Hong Kong native and patron of the film, wrote on her Sina Weibo after watching the movie: "Vulgaria is really funny. He (Pang) uses comedy to show how hard filmmakers have to work. It's worth watching."

Reeve Wong, a film critic in Hong Kong, gave the film three out of 10 stars. He told the Global Times in an e-mail that the film left a deep impression, not because of its quality, but because of its vulgar shallowness.

As for the film beating out all blockbusters, Wong said audiences in Hong Kong have watched enough Hollywood films, and it's not surprising for a local film to surpass Hollywood. Wong doubts Vulgaria's performance overseas.

"Those who do not understand Cantonese will not understand the movie, or at least be confused [by some parts]," he wrote.

Some questioned whether Pang had enough time to fully prepare for the film, as the shooting process was rushed.

Pang responded on his Sina Weibo that this was a rare chance for him to be free and crazy.

His company gave him only three weeks to prepare a 12-day shoot, but told him not to consider the fiscal return.

"If I did not accept, I would be insane," he posted.

In the interview with Big Boys Club, Pang said that despite Vulgaria's content, he does not advocate the use of vulgar language.

"Because [people use] foul language in daily life, I thought of how to present that reality," he said, adding that people will use expletives in conversation if they are among familiar friends.

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