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Do not give up efforts for peaceful solution of Syrian crisis (2)

(People's Daily Online)

09:51, August 25, 2012

Can the Syrian crisis only be solved by force?

On Aug. 17, Lakhdar Brahimi became the new joint UN and Arab League special envoy to Syria in place of Kofi Annan. As members of UN Supervision Mission departed, the UN civilian office in Syria is established.

All of them indicate that although the diplomatic mediation is faced with difficulties, the political solution of Syrian conflict does not fall into the deadlock. The six-point plan of Annan and the communiqué of the Action Group on Syria have not become invalid. It is the belief of UN and all peace-loving people that do not give up peaceful and political solution of Syrian conflict.

The Syrian people have heavily paid for the war. As the international community is actively devoted to political solution of Syrian crisis, the Syrian government and the opposition should carry out dialogue and negotiation as soon as possible to promote the political transition led by Syrian people. After all, the future of Syria should be decided by Syrian people. Peace is better than cruel wars.

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