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Secrets of the ‘Mysterious Stone City’ in Xinjiang (3)

People's Daily Online)  09:16, August 24, 2012

Local people’s tents surrounded by the oddly shaped stones (CRI / Yuan Bing)

The “Mysterious Stone City”, sitting 1,148 meters above sea level on average, is located in the Jeminay County of Altay Prefecture, Xinjiang province. The place is often referred as the “mysterious stone” by the local Kazakh people. The area is covered with oddly shaped stones which have been eroded for many years and the secrets of the stone caves and characters have fetched the most attentions over these years.

The stones here are in different sizes and shapes, rolling over the wide grassland. With the blooming flowers in the summer, the place is just like a natural stone museum. This “Stone City” is seen as a combination of the landscape scenery of western China and Chinese historical culture.
On a steep hillside, there is a cliff of 80 meters high. To the north of the cliff, around two meters above horizon, there is a cave, which is two meters deep. This place is used for worship and prays and offerings such as wines, butter, khata and coins are often seen inside the cave. According to the locals, every year, people of Mongolian ethic groups come here to hold worship activities.

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