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Delivering love, express (3)

By Wei Xi (Global Times)

09:08, August 23, 2012

Bank of Love

If you think money is the only thing you can put in a bank, you're wrong. The Bank of Love now provides a place for you to deposit your love. It may seem silly for adults, but it's a cute concept if one is not averse to being childish.

Resembling a normal deposit book you get from a bank, a set includes one deposit book and two check books, one for each partner.

Before depositing your love in the bank, decide on the rules. For example, remembering your lover's birthday accounts to 10 love points; helping with housework is 20 love points. This is written down in the deposit book, alongside the love points accumulated.

The check books can be used to fulfill your "demands" on your lover by withdrawing love points from the bank.

Such written demands can be: "Accompany me when I am shopping and help me carry the bags," with a specified amount of love points.

When one person receives an amount of love points, rewards are given, like a free massage. Agreements can be listed in the deposit book, before starting the game.

It is better to have agreements on point value, as well. This gift comes at 45 yuan a set.

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