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Delivering love, express (2)

By Wei Xi (Global Times)

09:08, August 23, 2012

Homestar projector

A special projector will help you see a starry sky regardless of how polluted or smoggy it is outside.

Luo Wenxing, who sells star projectors in Guangdong Province, said they function like normal projectors.

Designed by Japanese company Sega Corporation, the projector, when charged with electricity, projects a three-meter diameter round image onto the ceiling or wall, making you feel like you are in space.

Customers can choose from three images: Single-color sky, multi-color sky, or a sky with constellations.

The projector can also be set to different dates, so images reflect the constellations accordingly, to the time period.

There are a variety of other choices, including the Homestar Aurora, which imitates the aurora lights, the Homestar Travel, which shows the starry sky in different cities around the world, and the Homestar Spa, which is set in water and makes deep sea colors. Prices for the projector range from 4,000 to 6,000 yuan.

Capturing the sun

Feel lonely and cold at night? Feel guilty because you cannot be by your lover's side? The Sun Jar, developed by Suck UK, delivers sunlight for a mere 20 pounds ($31.42).

Though simple and small, it contains the "sun" for your significant other.

The secret lies in the solar panel on the jar's neck, which absorbs sunlight during the daytime, converting it into electricity. With electricity stored in the battery, the bulb in the jar will emit sunlight at night, as if the sun is contained in the jar.

During cloudy days, when the sunlight is not strong enough, you can use a normal battery charger to charge the battery.

If the sunlight is too strong and you prefer gentle light, you can try choosing a moon jar, the Sun Jar Blue.

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