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3-year-old face changing actress - "Little Stone" (3)

People's Daily Online)  14:12, August 22, 2012

Shi Zhixuan plays with her cloth doll on Aug. 20, 2012. (Xinhua / Lu Boan)

Nicknamed "Little Stone”, the 3-year-old girl Shi Zhixuan is from Guilin, Guangxi. At the age of two, Shi Zhixuan started to learn face changing with Master He Shucheng, the "King of Face Changing in Guangxi". Now she can perform changing four costumes (Red, Yellow, Blue and White) and four types of face masks skillfully.

"The costumes, accessories and things used for face changing are very heavy. My daughter’s neck was scratched by the clothes several times”, said Shi’s mother, Wu Xiaoying, “The clothes are thick and make you feel very hot. She often sweats a lot after practice."

However, Shi Zhixuan loves practicing face changing and she is very patient. Master He Shucheng, the 70-year-old man, who has already taught more than 3,000 students, has great expectations on Shi Zhixuan. He believes that Shi Zhixuan, who learned these moves in only half a year, is very talented. "Face changing is usually taught only to boys not girls, but if 'Little Stone' is willing to learn, I will teach her all I know", said Master He.

Recently, Shi Zhixuan won the silver prize of face changing in the 2012 outstanding kids with art specialty comprehensive abilities finals. She was also awarded the "Image Angel of the 2012 outstanding kids with art specialty".

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