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Chinese state councilor speaks on Sino-Russian ties, Syria (2)


08:11, August 21, 2012

He said the Chinese government had always educated its citizens to abide by the law of the host country, respect local customs, and get along with local people, adding that China hoped the host country could protect the legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese people.

To safeguard the overall friendship between the two nations and the two peoples, he said both countries should properly handle and resolve any possible problems in bilateral contacts through friendly consultation.

Speaking on China's economic growth, Dai said China had achieved tremendous success since its reform and opening-up and now became the world's second largest economy.

He said a more open and dynamic China would bring about increasing investment opportunities and offer a huge market to the world.

China was still a developing country with a large population and poor economic foundation, he said, adding that China's GDP per capita, at 5,414 dollars, was still one third of Russia's and ranked No. 89 worldwide.

Moreover, he said, China's impoverished population amounted to 128 million, close to Russia's total population. Thus, it was imperative for China to focus on development.

Dai said China was willing to work with all countries, including Russia, to make unremitting efforts to build a peaceful, prosperous and harmonious society.

Dai left Beijing for Russia Sunday for the seventh round of strategic security talks, at the invitation of the Secretary of the Russian Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev.

Dai will also pay an official visit to Mongolia as guest of the Mongolian government.

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