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How long will US continue arms sales to Taiwan? (2)

(People's Daily Online)

08:09, August 21, 2012

"Taiwan independence" is the biggest threat to stability across the Taiwan Strait. U.S. arms sales to Taiwan will only encourage the arrogance of "Taiwan independence" forces and promote “Taiwan independence.” The United States has no justification for its arms sales to Taiwan, and is only taking advantage of the island to seek benefits from the Chinese mainland and pursue its own strategic and security interests while reaping huge profits from arms sales.

U.S. arms sales to Taiwan have damaged China's core interests, and are one of the most fundamental reasons for the Chinese armed forces' doubts and worries about the strategic intent of the United States and for obvious lack of strategic mutual trust, especially military mutual trust, between the two countries.

China is taking a long path of peaceful development, and the settlement of many problems in the world requires concerted efforts from both China and the United States. The world is big enough for the two countries to pursue their own interests.

The Chinese and American people have no natural antipathy toward each other, and the differences in their systems and values are no obstacles to cooperation between the two countries.

As long as the United States stops selling weapons to Taiwan, China-U.S. relations will see far fewer twists and turns, and advance more smoothly. This will benefit the people of the two countries, including Taiwan residents, as well as the region and even the entire world.

Read the Chinese version at: 美对台军售还要售多久, Source:People's Daily Overseas Edition, Author: Hua Yiwen

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