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The love story (2)

(People's Daily Online)

19:09, August 17, 2012

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The cowherd went to the brook and watched the seven pretty daughters of the Emperor come down from heaven to take a bath. Fascinated by the youngest and the most beautiful one, the cowherd hid her fairy clothes. When the other six fairies went away after the bath, the youngest could not fly back to heaven without her fairy clothes.

The cowherd then appeared and told the Weaving Maid that he would keep her clothes until she agreed to be his wife. After a slight hesitation, mixed with coyness and eagerness, the maid accepted the handsome man's proposal. The couple was then married and had two children two years later.

Meanwhile, up in heaven, the Emperor missed the beautiful skies once woven by his seventh daughter. He ordered his daughter's grandmother to find her and bring her back to him. As the seventh princess was flying to heaven with her grandmother, the cowherd put on his old ox's hide (which he preserved after the animal had died long ago) and put their children into two bamboo baskets laced with his wife's magical fairy clothes to chase after his love.

But the grandmother created a milky way in the sky with her hairpin, which kept the lovers apart. The seventh princess moved to the star Vega (The Swooping Eagle) in the Lyra (Harp) constellation. And the cowherd and their two children stayed on the star Altair (Flying One) in the Aquila (Eagle) constellation.

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