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Taiwan must help counter Japan claims (2)

By Zhang Jiangang (Global Times)

08:29, August 13, 2012

Taiwan authorities should realize that there is only one China and that their fates are linked, as is their power.

The Taiwanese leadership should be cool-headed and recognize that the Taiwan question is not included in US national core interests. The US seeks to prevent the Chinese from entering the Pacific instead of helping to achieve "Taiwan independence."

The Taiwan question remains a trump card for the US. The US can discard this card whenever necessary for its own interests. Whatever Japan's intentions, it is clear that future relations across the Taiwan straits will remain more reliable than any ties Taiwan can build with Japan.

Faced with a severe situation developing around the Diaoyu Islands dispute, both sides across the Straits should join together in responding to provocations by Japan. Taiwan should give up any illusions it has about gaining any ground with. It should see that its best interests lie in working together with the mainland to protect the Diaoyu Islands.

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