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Inside story of post deletion’s industrial chain (2)

(People's Daily Online)

10:59, August 12, 2012

"In fact, they are not formal public relations firms, but the posts and articles erasing firms under the guise of being a public relations firm. They normally have a direct demand and hope to pay for erasing a post or an article," Lei told the reporter that the website editors have the administrative right of managing the contents and forums. They not only can publish and edit information but also have the right of erasing some information. The right of deletion is a "sensitive" power.

From the publication system of the portal Website offered by Lei, The reporter of the Nanfang Daily found that the website editor could not only publish and edit articles on the website but also adjust grades of the articles. “Articles of some related customers could be put on relatively important positions. It is a goal pursued by many public relation companies. But, the editor's main job is to delete negative information.”

In Lei's opinion, the online forum is the major area with the problem. “Since large-scale websites' administrations on articles are strict, it is hard to delete articles on these websites. Editors usually do not want to take the risk. In comparison, it is much easier to delete comments on online forums.”

“Most comments on online forums are given freely by netizens. Of them, some negative ones especially tend to arouse netizens' warm responses, leading to wide influences.” An online forum administrator Tong Yang (alias) believes that it is netizens' comments that usually make enterprises nervous.

“While publishing comments on online forums, netizens do not have many restrictions and some information given by them is not strictly-confirmed information. Once a comment of expressing dissatisfaction on a product or an enterprise gets warm responses, it will be very powerful.” In Tong's opinion, it is not a rare thing that netizens dig out a piece of breaking news from online forums.

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