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Misjudgments overshadows London Olympics (2)

(People's Daily Online)

10:40, August 09, 2012

Olympic spirit is hurt

In the Olympic stage, true leading actors should be competitors. However, many facts of the London Olympics indicate that the referees, who should be the supporting actors, have stolen the spotlight many times. The misjudgments that appeared one after another have hurt not only the competitors but also the Olympic spirit.

The referees' control on the competitions has made the competitors a vulnerable group. Of the misjudgments, some are unmeant but some are deliberate. Of course, we do not have proofs just like the referees do not have bases for their judgments in some events. Most sports associations tend to protect referees but not competitors. In addition, rules and scoring procedures of some events are complex, which easily gets the public blindfolded.

The misjudgments caused by referees' unintentional personal mistakes are understandable to certain extent, but the misjudgments deliberately made by referees due to their hidden motives hurt the Olympic spirit severely.

In order to guarantee the fairness and authority of the Olympics, various misjudgments of the London Olympics need people to examine themselves. The London Olympics has not come to an end yet, and we hope the "dark shadow" brought by disputable judgments will disappear as soon as possible.

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