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Pfizer's Centrum tablets blamed for deceptive marketing (2)

(People's Daily Online)

11:06, August 08, 2012

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Reply: Chinese market is not affected

Currently, there are five "centrum tablet" products of the "centrum multi-vitamin tablet," "centrum outstanding-vitamin tablet," "centrum tablet for kids," "centrum outstanding vitamin tablet for kids" and "centrum silver tablet" being sold in the Chinese market. They are used as tablets of supplying vitamins and minerals.

The products mentioned above are produced by the Wyeth Company, according to their production labels. Three years ago, the Wyeth Company obtained the selling right of the "centrum." The reporter found on the official Website of the Pfizer Company (China) that, there are words of "helping kids grow brains and improve bones" in the advertisement for the "centrum tablet for kids" and there are such words as improving "immunity, brain power, version, energy metabolism and bone health" in the advertisement for the "centrum outstanding vitamin tablet for kids."

Regarding the question that whether labels of these five "centrum tablet" products will also be changed, the director of the communication department of the Pfizer Company (China) said, "The domestic product advertising of China is different from the situation mentioned by the CSPI. Currently, the 'centrum tablet' products in China have all been approved by the State Food and Drug Administration of China and therefore do not need to change labels."

Regarding the question that whether the "centrum tablets" are as effective as words in their advertisements, a nutrition professor from the Sun Yat-sen University Jiang Zhuoqin said that, the main effect of the "centrum tablets" is to supplement nutrient elements and they have effects on only those who lack the elements. "It is hard to say" whether they are good for health of eyes and bones.

Source: Nanfang Daily

Read the Chinese version:辉瑞“善存片”被指欺骗性营销 产品标签涉嫌欺诈

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