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Afghans' outlook on lives remains bleak (2)


10:07, August 07, 2012

Evaluating future welfare is particularly difficult for Afghans, who face an unknown future as NATO forces are expected to leave the country in 2014 after transferring security responsibilities to the still unproven Afghan National Security Forces, the Gallup noted.

Despite more than a decade of international development efforts, Afghans' satisfaction with their standard of living has steadily deteriorated, which may partly explain their bleak outlook on their lives. The Afghans' average satisfaction with standard of living now stands at 29 percent, the poll finds.

Afghans' increasing dissatisfaction with their standard of living likely has much to do with their bleak outlook on their future, especially after the NATO exit which could lead to a Taliban insurgency and more violence, the Gallup added.

The poll, conducted on April 20-26, was based on approximately 1,000 face-to-face interviews with Afghan adults aged 15 and older. It has an error margin of about 4 percent.
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