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Search engines turn into collaborators of pornography (2)

(People's Daily Online)

08:27, August 07, 2012

A photo of Bing search engine.

In 2004, the Supreme People's Court and the Supreme People's Procuratorate jointly issued judicial interpretations in terms of the criminal cases of cyber pornography. In December 2009, the service providers of Sina, Sohu, Netease, Baidu, Zhongsou, Yahoo China and Qihoo had signed a self-discipline compact, agreeing not to provide any network services including search navigation, advertising, ranking and linking for obscene, pornographic and unhealthy contents." The Internet Society of China had formulated and promulgated "Self-Discipline Convention in China's Internet Industry" and "Self-Discipline Norms of Prohibiting the Dissemination of Pornographic and Undesirable Information."

However, both the judicial interpretation and self-discipline convention did not restrict the unhealthy behaviors of search engine providers and such scandals as "search engine is the accomplice of pornographic dissemination" are often exposed to the public.

Many experts believe that the lack of relevant laws and regulations led the search engines to become the blind spot of Internet censorship. In this regard, a domestic well-known internet expert Li Yuxiao said in an interview, "The network information service involves in all aspects of the Internet and not only aims at special network service providers or specific network service.
China's relevant laws and regulations are really weak in the field of Internet information service, which restricted the establishment and realization of a normalized network service."

Li said that currently the provisions about search engines have been added to the "Internet Information Service Management Method" which now is in the stage of seeking opinions of the public, but the law enforcement agencies cannot punish the search engine providers before the "Internet Information Service Management Method" is implemented.

Improving the legal system and strengthening international cooperation to crack down on cyber pornography.

The Internet industry insiders said that currently China mainly uses the campaign-type and executive-led management model to curb cyber pornography. Due to lack of legal support, such management model is often turned into the game between offenders and government departments, and the latter will not always win the game though having executive powers. Therefore, it is imperative to accelerate the establishment of relevant laws and regulations and develop medium- and long-term planning of Internet cultural environment.

Li pointed out, "Do not expect to solve all the problems by using industry self-regulation and technical means." Maybe an administrative law needs to be formulated to punish those search engine providers who increase the traffic through pornographic sites. A legal policy with certain criminal force of constraint will provide strong support for existing social rules, which has been verified in the international pornography campaigns.

The Indian Government had introduced the "Indian Information Technology Act" to curb cyber pornography. The "Act" provided that the Internet service providers must fulfill the duties of filtering pornographic contents, otherwise they will be sentenced to three years in prison and fined up to 500,000 rupees (about 75,000 yuan). Therefore, Yahoo banned Indian netizens to turn off the "safe search" option and Microsoft also forbade the Indian Internet users to use the Bing search engine and browse other contents related with pornography.

Improving the relevant legislation is helpful to form a trusted network environment and service system and establish the filtering tools and rules facing family and social network garbage, abuse and pornographic contents, transferring the network option to the public, the society and the family.

To the behavior of transferring the servers of pornographic sites and changing IP addresses, Li believes that it will be a good solution to establish international purification mechanism of cyber pornography. The cyber pornography is not just the problem of a state and many countries have explicit laws and regulations to restrict the cyber pornography especially Child pornography. With multilateral consultation and international cooperation, an effective mechanism is entirely possible to be established worldwide to curb the dissemination of pornographic information.

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