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News Analysis: UN resolution adds pressure to embattled Syria gov't (2)


08:11, August 06, 2012

China also voted against the document, saying it "is opposed to any action forcing a 'regime change' in Syria, and sanctions can only make the situation more complicated."

An original draft resolution, sponsored by some Arab nations and Western countries including the United States, was circulated on Monday, demanding Syrian President Bashar al-Assad step down and calling for sanctions on Syria.

But the tough language in the text was met with strong opposition from many UN members including Brazil, India, Pakistan, South Africa and Argentina at a private meeting on Tuesday.

Considering the opposition, Saudi Arabia deleted the requirements of Syrian regime change and sanctions in its final version.

Experts said the future of international mediation efforts now seem gloomier, as the fate of the UN Supervision Mission of Syria, whose mandate is due to expire on Aug. 20, is remaining in doubt.

Grave challenges are lying ahead in international efforts to seek a peaceful resolution of the Syrian crisis, they said.

However, UN peacekeeping chief Herve Ladsous said on Thursday that UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon wanted to maintain the UN presence in Syria and there was still time to see whether something happens that will change the situation.

The Assad administration, in order to downgrade outside pressure and possible blunt intervention, perhaps needs to take the opportunity to carry out more effective and innovative ways to reconcile with the opposition and bring back stability as early as possible.

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More special coverages

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