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India’s blackout offers lesson to China (2)

(Global Times)

08:26, August 02, 2012

India is stuck in a dilemma, but China is also facing a developing bottleneck. Its per capita electricity consumption is still much lower than the level of developed countries, but the public is demanding the same living standards enjoyed by rich countries.

India has been plagued by frequent blackouts, prompting anger from the public. Successive administrations have failed to tackle the problem. In India, there is little possibility that the public will approve large-scale nuclear or hydropower stations. It is also restricted by primitive infrastructure.

China and India were at about the same development stage in the 1950s. Today, India's per capita GDP is less than one-third that of China's. The infrastructure quality is also vastly different. The difference lies in the policymaking ability and the implementation process of the two countries.

Where can China learn development experiences? It shouldn't be from the US. If China's population were to take up the American lifestyle, it would destroy the planet.

But China has to move forward to realize better human rights for its people. This means it must be rational in pursuing its dream.

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