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Cold War mindset haunts Japanese defense paper (2)

(People's Daily Online)

16:02, August 01, 2012

China and Japan are neighbors separated only by a narrow strip of water. In history, Sino-Japanese relations had experienced friendly exchanges, confrontations even wars over thousands of years. In recent years, some ring-wingers advocated populism in Japan and attempted to abolish the “no war” clause in the constitution. The rise of extreme right-wing force in Japan needs a close watch.

Emerging economies’ rising has become an irresistible trend. Japan must alter its mindset suitable for the current international situation and correct the way of treating China’s rise, considering it as opportunities, instead of big threat. Like former Japanese minister for economy and fiscal policy Kaoru Yosano said, China’s robust development provides significant support to Japan and other Asian countries.

Forging tension is playing with fire and Cold War mindset needs to be abandoned. Irresponsible words and hostile speculation go against the regional peace and stability. The right and wise approach should be taken is to maintain friendly ties and promote common development with neighbors.
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