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Fishermen's fears linger after ordeal (2)

By An Baijie, and Hu Yongqi (China Daily)

14:20, July 28, 2012

One of the rescued fishermen gets a medical check in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, on July 21. Twenty-six crew members were reunited with their families after their long ordeal. (Photo / Xinhua)

"For months, 26 men had to share two kilograms of rice a day," Zhang said. "If the pirates were in a good mood, they would give us some vegetables too."

The pirates liked sweet food with almost no salt, but Zhang didn't want to eat sugar since his teeth were decaying.

"I didn't brush my teeth after I was captured by the pirates, and my teeth became worse," he said.

Zhang and his fellow crew members were also forced to work for the pirates, who made their captives dissemble hijacked ships for the parts, which were then sold. If the pirates detected any idleness, Zhang and the other hostages would be beaten with ropes, knives and the butts of machine guns.

Li Guoqi, 22, Zhang's crewmate, said: "The pirates just beat us at will and they would not consider how we felt at all."

A pirate once slashed Zhang with a knife on his right arm, leaving a 4-cm-long scar.

In the 19 months, Zhang lost 17 kg. He is only 53 kg now.

Some of the hostages were bitten by parasites. Zhang recalls picking out maggotlike parasites off the flesh of several hostages.

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