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News Analysis: Japan shows short-sighted rashness in island disputes (2)

By Wu Xia (Xinhua)

07:47, July 27, 2012


According to Japanese media reports, a senior U.S. State Department official said in early July that the Diaoyu Islands fell within the scope of the Japan-U.S. security pact, which requires the the United States to defend Japan in the event of an armed attack.

"The possibility of the United States helping Japan to deal with China is slim," Liu Nanlai, an international law expert told a seminar in Beijing last week.

"The Diaoyu Islands is Chinese territory. Japan has broken international law in seizing the islands, and the United States should also obey international law."

"The United States should be reminded of its proclaimed stance that it would not take position regarding the sovereignty of the Diaoyu Islands," the expert said.

Analysts said Japan's efforts to involve the United States over the Diaoyu Islands show its lack of bargaining power.

"The United States has to consider its global strategy and I personally don't think Americans will show very clear support for Japan on this issue," said Zhao of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. "The Japanese merely wanted to pull another country into the fight or to cling upon an outside power."

China's Foreign Ministry has voiced strong opposition, reaffirming its indisputable sovereignty over the islands and stressing that a bilateral arrangement between two countries "should not undermine the interests of a third party, including China."


Behind Tokyo's protracted drama over the Diaoyu Islands, analysts say, Japan's shifting political tides are disrupting its foreign policy, creating chaos and strategic myopia in the country.

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