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Tainted infant formula milk powder found in Hunan (2)

(People's Daily Online)

08:25, July 26, 2012

The tainted milk powder is mainly sold in Hunan and Guangdong

After the Nanshan infant formula milk powder, a famous milk powder brand in Hunan, was detected containing carcinogens in Guangzhou, the Changsha city convened news release, preliminarily concluding that the tainted milk powder was resulted from the fodder containing aflatoxin M1 and fed to cows, according to news of the Xinhua News Agency on July 23 (reported by Su Xiaozhou and Chen Wenguang).

After investigation and verification, the date of production on the five batches of substandard infant formula is between July 2011 and December 2011, and they weigh about 31 tons, mainly sold in Hunan and Guangdong.

According to the preliminary investigation, the reason for the dairy product containing the aflatoxin M1 is that the cows were fed with feedstuff that had been polluted by the aflatoxin B1. The aflatoxin B1 was hydroxylated inside the body of the cow and turned into the aflatoxin M1, which existed in the milk and urine of the cow.

Read the Chinese version: 质检总局要求停售南山奶粉 回应:因饲料受污染

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