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Nanshan milk powder found to contain carcinogen (3)

(People's Daily Online)

07:58, July 25, 2012

Nanshan Bywise Company will be severely punished

The industrial and commercial administration sector said that the aflatoxin M1 is extremely toxic and carcinogenic. Currently, the products with the problem have stopped selling. Due to the serious problem of the Nanshan milk powder, the industrial and commercial administration sector will strictly punish the Nanshan Bywise Company.

On July 22, the reporter found in many stores that many related milk power products (not belonging to the problematic batches) were still being sold. The salesmen of the products told the reporter that they knew nothing about the inspection results. A customer Mr. Chen, who was choosing milk powder for his one-year-old son, said, “Since milk powder products of both domestic and foreign brands have problems, I do not know what to choose.”

Brands appearing frequently on the black list may be forced to withdraw from the market

In this casual inspection, the stage 1 Love More infant formula (900 grams per can and the date is February 13, 2012) produced by Shaanxi Hongqi Dairy Technology Co., Ltd. was detected containing excessive bacterial colonies. The problem was detected at the beginning of June but at the end of the same month the company was again exposed containing Enterobacter sakazakii. In addition, Guangfeng Food and Beverage Co., Ltd. in Guilin and Huangshi Food Industry Co., Ltd. in Hunan also were blacklisted for two times.

About these "recidivists" of food safety problem, the official in charge of the food department of the industrial and commercial bureau of Guangzhou said on July 22 that they have warned the Love More infant formula supplier since this inspection: it will be forced withdrawing from the Guangzhou market if again breaking the rule and these products must stop sales for a certain period of time. Every batch of the products must submit qualified survey report before entering the market.

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