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US imports pose threats to China's polysilicon enterprises (2)

(People's Daily Online)

15:59, July 24, 2012

A Zhejiang-based polysilicon company with an investment of over 1 billion yuan has filed for bankruptcy and entered the liquidation process.

Overall, domestic polysilicon industry is facing a survival crisis.

"We want to see a level playing field," said a senior executive at Jiangsu Zhongneng Polysilicon Technology Development Company, adding that many Chinese polysilicon companies have gone bankruptcy due to rapidly increasing imports of low-priced polysilicon from the United States and South Korea.

The Ministry of Commerce has responded actively to domestic producers' request for trade remedies, and made good use of WTO rules to investigate and rectify unfair trade practices by the United States and South Korea, which will help create a level playing field for the healthy development of domestic polysilicon industry.

Competitive domestic polysilicon companies to regain lost market share

Imported and domestic polysilicon each occupy half of China's polysilicon market.

CNMIA statistics showed that China produced nearly 150,000 tons of polysilicon in 2011, becoming the largest polysilicon producer in the world. Top-four polysilicon companies in China rank among the world's 10 biggest polysilicon companies. Major domestic polysilicon companies accounting for 70 percent of China's polysilicon output are able to compete with world-famous companies in the industrial level and key technologies, and some of them even stand at the forefront of the global polysilicon industry.

If protected effectively, domestic polysilicon industry with the world's largest production capacity, which has controlled costs thanks to constant technological progress, can ensure sufficient supplies of polysilicon, and stabilize China's polysilicon prices at reasonable levels.

"If the Ministry of Commerce issues an anti-dumping ruling, polysilicon prices in China will not be as unreasonably cheap as they are, but will see only a moderate increase," said Zhu Gongshan, chairman of China Photovoltaic Industry Alliance.

"Plus, domestic polysilicon companies with strong international competitiveness will regain their market share that was grabbed by U.S. and South Korean competitors through malicious means."

Read the Chinese version at: 进口冲击致我多晶硅企业八成停产, Source: People's Daily, Author: Wang Weijian

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