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Well-heeled means a flash of gold (2)

By Kitty Go (China Daily)

07:55, July 24, 2012

"Selling a pair of shoes to a woman is an extremely personal service and we value every customer's feedback," explains Mak. "We managed to build a reservoir of knowledge and were able to gather that the feet of our customers are generally rather thin compared to their Western counterparts and that greater support at the arch is very desired."

While from a technical standpoint the construction of the Winona may be perfect, the fit was fine-tuned to requirements of customers in Hong Kong.

Like every pair of Rupert Sanderson shoes, the Hong Kong is named after a British daffodil. "An entirely new shoe form has been constructed for the style Hong Kong and every aesthetic element of the Winona has been retained, staying true to the original," said Rupert Sanderson.

This summer, the duo presented another Hong Kong exclusive, The Gold Collection, a limited edition of Rupert Sanderson classics with 23k-gold gilded heels.

This collection carries the Asian fit that was perfected with the Hong Kong shoe. It features elegant flats, classic court shoes in varying heights, sexy peep-toes and sky-high statement shoes.

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