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Vice premier calls for stopping hospitals from relying on drug sales (2)


08:22, July 20, 2012

Deepening the medical reform will improve people's livelihoods and health, boost consumption and promote the development of related industries, which is conducive to economic growth, adjustment of economic structure and transformation of the growth mode, Li said.

Currently, the reform has entered a "crucial stage," with difficult issues constantly emerging, he said.

Efforts should be made to strengthen the national healthcare network, improve the essential drug system and promote the reform of public hospitals, said the vice premier.

"The guarantee for serious diseases is an essential criteria gauging a country's healthcare level," he said, adding that the system guaranteeing major diseases has not been established in China, although the national medicare network has covered both rural and urban areas.

"People still bear a relatively heavy burden in covering their medical fees for serious diseases," Li said, adding that the whole family tend to be reduced to poverty due to the illness of one family member.

The national medicare network should cover the insurance for serious diseases "as soon as possible," so as to "strengthen the social safety net" and effectively solve the special difficulties of those critically ill patients.

Basic medical insurance should be combined with commercial insurance so as to "optimize the effect of the basic medicare and strengthen mutual assistance in society," Li said.

Meanwhile, the vice premier said the government should increase its input in medicare in order to support the treatment of major diseases.

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