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Sino-African cooperation, what’s the next step? (4)

By Chen Lidan, Zhu Rui (People's Daily Online)

16:43, July 19, 2012

PD Online: Comparing with other international cooperation models, what’s the advantage of FOCAC?

Ren: FOCAC is a cooperation platform between China and 49 African countries, almost the entire African continent, which is uncommon in the world.

Being very practical and effective, FOCAC increases the level of Sino-African cooperation. Each phase of FOCAC is fruitful. African leaders treat the rising China as great development opportunity, rather than threat.

The Nigerian president said that China is an important partner for Nigeria’s development, and the country welcomes Chinese investments and hopes FOCAC to take bilateral cooperation to next level.

PD Online: What’s the new opportunity and challenge the Sino-African cooperation is facing? What will become the highlight in the future?

Ren: The opportunity is that both sides are developing in a rapid speed. China and African countries need each other for faster development.

Chinese companies are going global and are looking for broader space. Africa is an area with great potential and its growth needs capital and technology and because of experiencing similar development process, China’s technology and method suit Africa very much. Sino-African cooperation is so far so fruitful and both sides are very satisfied about it.

I think the current resource-focused cooperation structure needs improvement. China should perfect the overall arrangement and realize industrial diversification in Africa. Chinese companies could expand the investment scope, transfer more production chains to Africa, helping to create more jobs in local market, or other measures to bring more positive outcomes for each other.

Chinese version: 中非合作 下一步怎么走

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