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Test results of foreign-brand milk powder products still uncertain (2)

(People's Daily Online)

09:58, July 14, 2012

Experts doubt the "error" explanation and suggest a re-test

Regarding the "error" explanation, a renowned dairy expert of China Wang Dingmian expressed two doubtful points. First, why did not the center change its conclusion until the evening of July 11? After the news was released on July 10, it attracted much attention. The center should have known the news and many media had contacted the center too. But, why did not it change its conclusion until 10 p.m.? Second, a test report made by an inspection center cannot be decided by a single person or a single link. The report should be examined by many people and in many links. In addition, since this test report is about products of several large international brands, the inspection center should especially careful with it and have examined it repeatedly. Then, why did "errors" still occur?

"I think the possibility that an authorized and certificated inspection center makes such a mistake is very low." On July 11, an unidentified source told the reporter that testing the vanillin content is not a complex job. It does not need high-end technologies and has no technical barrier, and even many common testing centers and laboratories can do this job.

Some people believe that maybe because the Nutrition and Food Safety Testing Center of Hunan Agricultural University has been bribed by these enterprises or is under some kind of pressure, it did the unexpected change. Some experts suggest that as consumers have been worrying about the problem of food safety, these enterprises should send these controversial products to several authoritative monitoring organizations to recheck through closed detection method. Only in this way can people get the truth.

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