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Private enterprises'overseas investment booms (3)

(People's Daily Online)

16:56, July 13, 2012

Public services still need strengthening

The difficulties that Chinese private enterprises often meet while carrying out overseas investments include: They do not know overseas environments enough, including laws, markets and their partners; they are badly in need of information service, training service, consulting service and market expansion service.

Regarding the private enterprises' demands, some governmental departments of China have provided effective public services, but they still need to strengthen them under the guidance of the "Implementation Opinions."

Since 2009, the MOC has updated investment guidelines for investing in 165 countries and regions and these guidelines can be downloaded from the MOC Website so that enterprises with the intention of investing in a foreign country can use them for reference.

Insiders believe that China still needs to establish a more sophisticated overseas investment intermediate service system to offer more financial, legal, management and consulting services for enterprises to "Go Global."

Li believes that a very important thing is to establish a risk early-warning system to help overseas Chinese enterprises eliminate international risks and realize sustainable developments.

The Chinese government should strengthen Chinese embassies' commercial assurance functions, improve bilateral and multilateral investment protection mechanisms, strengthen the risk early warning for overseas investments, improve the import credit guarantee system combining policy and commerce, and encourage the overseas investment enterprises to strengthen their social responsibilities, Li said.

Read the Chinese version at: 民企出海 遇机缘 正发力, Source:People's Daily Overseas Edition,Author:Ye Xiaonan

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