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Assad inextricable part of peaceful transition (2)

(Global Times)

08:40, July 13, 2012

This is the dilemma that has been bothering the UN. The opposition won't cooperate unless Assad steps down, and the regime won't abandon Assad. But a political solution requires all sides get involved in the process in order to make compromises to avoid a potential civil war, while working together to establish a generally accepted political structure that can make the transition peaceful and smooth.

Excluding either side will jeopardize this peaceful approach and lead to military confrontation. Since Assad will remain a representative of the regime, if the opposition genuinely accepts and wants the UN's solution to work, it needs to understand that Assad's removal cannot be set as a prerequisite, unless the crisis is resolved by force.

But even if that were to happen, the opposition would still have to face another major dilemma. It currently doesn't have the military strength to overthrow Assad and will need support from foreign powers to make that happen. Yet that would means the future of Syria would be decided by those external actors, because the Syrian opposition wouldn't have the capability to hold the country together alone either.

The opposition still doesn't yet have a reliable plan on how to rebuild and manage Syria in Assad's absence, and is divided over the issue of foreign military intervention, as witnessed from its recent meeting in Cairo. The only thing that has been holding different factions together is the ouster of Assad.

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