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Power shortage worsens Syrian people's misery (2)


11:11, July 12, 2012

Despite the heat, the minister said, the ministry has taken a number of measures to reduce rationing to a minimum, pointing out that the damage that occurred to the electric grid and power stations and switching centers has been estimated at billions of Syrian pounds.

Shortage in cooking gas has pushed Syrians to rely on electricity, causing thus an excessive loads on the network.

A recent attack on a gas pipeline in the eastern region of Deir Al-Zour has put about 1,000 megabytes of electricity networks' capacity out of service, putting an additional challenge on the Electricity Ministry to find an alternative in different ways.

Khamis said the ministry is now working to repair electricity networks damaged at some areas in the eastern and western outskirts of Damascus.

He said damages at electricity networks alone reached 5 billion Syrian pounds (about 80 million U.S. dollars), adding that damages that were inflicted upon the national economy are estimated at up to nearly 100 billion Syrian pounds (about 1.55 billion dollars).

As for the excess loads on the network as a result of summer heat, the minister said the ministry adopts measures commensurate with the increased loads so as not to increase the hours of rationing.

Syrians also complain of the exorbitant electricity bills at a time when the country is overburdened by a crisis that has been dragging on for 16 months and by the crushing sanctions whose negative impacts have hit every sector in the country.

Tourism is dead and inflation has increased by 30 percent, with the Syrian pound plunged and business dipped.

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