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Why is TCM worth of commendation? (2)

(People's Daily)

09:39, July 07, 2012

Traditional Chinese medicine has high status “in heaven,” but low status “on earth.” traditional Chinese medicine treatments are relatively cheap, and are often wrongly believed to be unscientific. Due to financial problems and other factors, certain traditional Chinese medicine hospitals are losing their Chinese features and becoming almost the same as Western hospitals in diagnosis and treatment of diseases. For instance, the traditional Chinese medicine treatment of a closed fracture though splints only costs a few hundred yuan. In order to gain more profits, many traditional Chinese medicine hospitals choose to perform surgery which costs at least 10,000 yuan to cure the same disease. In addition, certain unique traditional Chinese medicine treatment techniques are on the verge of extinction.

The traditional Chinese medicine sector has undergone ups and downs, and people have frequently doubted the effects of traditional Chinese medicine and opposed its use. Facing numerous practical problems, China must upgrade the development of the traditional Chinese medicine sector to a national strategy. The country must “continue to transform the development model, and bring into full play the features and advantages” of the traditional Chinese medicine sector, according to the 12th Five-Year Plan for Traditional Chinese Medicine. The most urgent task in the traditional Chinese medicine sector is to protect and carry forward the traditional Chinese medicine culture. The traditional Chinese medicine sector will achieve better development if it maintains its unique advantages.

Traditional Chinese medicine’s value lies in its features and advantages. The spectrum of human diseases will be mainly made up of chronic non-communicable diseases in the next few decades, which may be a significant opportunity for the revival of the traditional Chinese medicine sector. As long as its features and advantages are maintained, traditional Chinese medicine will make greater contributions to human health.

Read the Chinese version: 航天英雄为何赞中医, source: People's Daily, author: Wang Junping

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